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weekly meal plan + dining out tips

As you can see from my meal plans, I am not 100% fruits and vegetable healthy all the time. I strive for balanced meals that provide nutrients, filling power and good taste! This week we had one day out to dinner, so I am going to share some of my dining out tips in addition to my weekly meal plan this week.
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Monday– Oven baked chicken is one of our favorite meals. I struggle with chicken at times because it is easy to over cook and can be kind of boring. My oven baked chicken is SO easy and fool proof. I take chicken breasts and slice them in half lengthwise so they are thin. Then I dip them in an egg wash (1 egg whisked up with some water, salt and pepper) and then dip them in seasoned bread crumbs. They go onto a sheet pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray and then cook for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. The roasted veggies follow the same formula from my roasted broccoli/ Brussels sprouts the past 2 weeks.
Tuesday– I am not going to try to convince you that turkey bacon tastes like regular pork bacon. It totally does not. But it is a lot lower in calories and has some good flavor. It made for a great BLT. I added avocado to our sandwiches this week. For me it completely replaces mayo, but you can still add both. The sweet potato fries I use are Alexia brand. I found mine at Costco but I believe they are carried at other stores. Or use a different brand.
Wednesday– Out to dinner days! These days happen and are so enjoyable. I always recommend cooking at home the majority of the time as it is more affordable and healthier. But eating out is a great experience, relaxing and delicious! Here are 3 tips for making the most of eating out…
  1. Think about your pattern. Are you eating out regularly or once in a while? I would never tell you to only order healthy foods when eating out because that takes away from the experience. But if you are eating out 2-3 times per week you want to think about making some healthier choices. Maybe that means fries once and side salads twice…see what I mean?
  2. On that note…salads are a great healthy entree but they can be sneaky. Whenever possible, choose grilled proteins over fried. I always get my dressing on the side. You will always be given less than when they dress it for you. And you can control the amount.
  3. Look for balanced meals. Often times restaurant foods are protein and carbohydrate based, missing the veggies. If you can find something with a lean protein, whole grain and vegetable you’ll likely be eating a healthy and filling meal.


Thursday– Okay I am getting long winded.  Hopefully you are still with me. I used leftover chicken breast and broccoli from Monday that I prepped but did not cook. I used this recipe as a model for this dish. I added onion, green pepper, broccoli, carrots and water chestnuts for my veggies. I skipped the fresh ginger and orange zest. I bought the La Choy ginger orange teriyaki sauce at Meijer and it turned out delicious!
Friday– Calzones! So fun! I love the frozen pizza dough balls. I find mine at meijer by the frozen bread. I leave it in the fridge for 1-2 days until it is thawed/ puffed up. But this time I took it out of the freezer Friday morning and then left it on the counter an hour before I used it and it was fine. For my calzones I rolled out the dough (I just use my hands) and cut it into 4 pieces. I add pizza sauce, cheese and toppings to the middle of the dough triangle then fold it over to make a pocket. Use a fork to close the seams and then brush the top with melted butter mixed with garlic powder and oregano. They cook for 20 minutes at 450 degrees.
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