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pantry staple meal plan

This week I will share my weekly meal plan which relies heavily on my grocery staples. I am going to share some tips for cooking from your pantry which helps to save money and give you meal ideas in a pinch. Okay here we go….
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Monday– I used this recipe as a base and added 1/2 bunch of baby spinach instead of escarole. Canned beans are one of my favorite pantry staples. They are so versatile, cheap and healthy. Soup is a meal prep staple for me. I made a huge batch of this soup on Sunday and ate it throughout the week for lunches.
Tuesday– Ground turkey is the most commonly used meat in my household. We are not huge fans of beef, so turkey is the replacement for us! I purchase it from Costco then keep it in the freezer until use. “Thaw ground turkey” is common on my meal prep list. That helps me avoid having frozen meat when I need to be cooking it. I add turkey, cheese, salsa, sour cream, lettuce, tomato and avocado to my tacos.
Wednesday– Red beans and rice mix is another pantry staple for me. While it is not the most nutritious on it’s own, the value bumps up when you had a few ingredients. I started with olive oil, onions and green peppers. Then I add in the smoked turkey sausage and the box mix. I finish it with frozen peas. We eat it with cottage cheese on top. It sounds crazy but tastes so good!
Thursday– Shortcut! I am re-purposing my leftovers from Tuesday. The fiesta corn is just sauteed onions and green peppers and frozen corn. I season it with salt, pepper and chili powder. A meal prep tip here. When you are chopping vegetables make sure to chop enough onions and green peppers for multiple meals. We will use it Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Frozen veggies are another staple. They don’t go bad in your fridge and help to balance out meals in a pinch.
Friday– Breakfast for Friday again. This is the day I tend to forget about and then tends to be take out. But breakfast foods are always a staple in my house. The whole grain pancake mix I use is either Kodiak cakes or Meijer brand. With turkey bacon and fruits, it really balances out.
Happy cooking!


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