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As promised I am sharing the details of one of the shirts I picked up at the rummage sale. I talked about only buying things that you know you’ll wear otherwise you are wasting money (no matter what). I very much dislike that moment when you see a top you bought and never wore….and know it has to be donated. Waste of money!

Anyway. I knew I would love this top as soon as I saw it. I got lucky finding my size. Plus stripes and lace are a total win!

I balanced out the flouncy bottom and feminine details with dark jeans. I accentuated the whole look with grey Mary Jane heels. I never used to be a heels person but hello height! These are from Hush Puppy and are so comfy. I bought them for presentations in college and have gotten good use out of them! And then all the teal jewelery because we know it’s my favorite clothes color!



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