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3 Tips for Shopping a Rummage Sale

I shared my “capsule wardrobe” idea on Monday which is pretty much tricking myself into thinking I got rid of clothes without actually doing it. If I forget them then I think I can get rid of them. The reason I have so many is because shopping is one of my biggest hobbies. 

I am all about second hand stores, garage sales, estate sales and rummage sales. I was driving to a Target to waste time and saw a sign for a church rummage sale. I go in and come to find out it was $3 for everything I could fit into a regular size plastic bag. I was so pumped! So here are my 3 tips for successful rummage sale/ bag sale shopping. Stick around to see what I got and how much it cost. 

1. Get anything you like. Okay what I mean by this is if there is something you remotely like, is in good shape and looks like it may fit then take it. Since you typically can’t try on clothes at rummage sales (and probably don’t want to until you wash it) you kind of have to wing it. There were a few things that were questionable but I liked the piece so I grabbed it. You’ll see below how close I was to keeping everything! 

2. Start to learn brands. Reading the tags and knowing where the brands come from will help decide if it is a quality piece. I will usually pass up on pieces from brands I have found is not quality stuff. It also helps you to learn if you are getting a good deal. I have found things from Nordstrom, Anthropologie and J. Crew by knowing what I was looking at. 

3. Think about your personal style. Don’t buy anything just because it is cheap or a good deal. If it isn’t something you think “oh maybe I can pull this off” you probably won’t. I said in tip 1, to buy what you like. Don’t buy something you don’t like but justify by saying it’s cheap. 

So how did I do?

Keep: 1 ugly Xmas sweater , 1 gift scarf, hat, 3 shirts, sweater vest, jacket, vest, dress, 3 skirts, shorts, 2 pants 

Everything I kept fit and was in good shape. I kept the sweater for ugly sweater parties and sent a gift to my sister. 

Donate: 3 skirts, 2 pants, 1 shirt 

That’s right! I donated 6 things out of 23 items. I was pretty happy with this outcome especially since I couldn’t try anything on. 

23 total items = $0.26 per item

Keep 16 = $0.38 per item 

Come up soon- showing off some of the cute stuff I got! 



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