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Capsule Wardrobe- The Weekend Way

I’ve got a fun week of posts coming for you! I recently talked about hitting the reset button and some meal ideas. Today I am going to tell you how I hit the reset in my closet.

I have been envious of people who have the self control to limit their closet to a capsule wardrobe. Like only keeping clothes that all coordinate together. It’s so easy, classic and effortless. Some of my favorites are Tracy’s and Kate’s.

But then I realize I have too many clothes and no self control when it comes to getting rid of them. I love to thrift shop and pick up new things. More on that later. But then I end up with so. many. clothes.

I decided to do a modification on the capsule wardrobe. Since the idea is to keep only things you will wear and that coordinate I picked out my favorite pieces to keep in my current closet. I went through and divided everything into 4 categories- keep in the master closet for daily wear, hang in the guest closet (either too fancy for daily wear or not in season), donate and then maybes. The maybes went into the guest room dresser- these are either clothes I may wear but haven’t in a while or don’t fit anymore but I still like them. My thought is if I hide clothes and forget about them then I can get rid of them.

The verdict? I got rid of 2 trash bags full of clothes and hangers. I cut down my master closet stash significantly and found some patterns in what was left. I wear a lot of light pink, teal and denim. These are easy to mix and match and make up my “capsule” wardrobe.



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