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End of Summer Tomato Sauce

My parents recently sold their house (yay for them!) and left behind a beautiful garden. I was lucky enough to pick the last harvest from the house and came home with 20+ tomatoes. 

I wanted to save some of the tomatoes but I’m not brave enough for canning. I made this quick tomato sauce and packed into bags. The 3 bags I made are already gone and I have plans to make another batch this week. 

We loved this sauce over spaghetti and again with grilled cheese dunked in. 

Fresh Tomato Sauce 

1. Olive oil + chopped onion- sautéed until soft

2. Peeled tomatoes (I dunked them in boiling water for 3 minutes and then straight into cold water. The skins come right off). Chopped 

3. Small amount of veggie stock, salt, pepper, dried oregano and fresh basil. Add as much of these as you like 

4. Purée! I used my hand immersion blender 



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