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Reset Button

September. It is already September! This summer flew by…not to be cliche but I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted. Obnoxiously long.

There was a lot of concerts, baseball games (and therefore hot dogs) and traveling this summer. All of these made the summer unforgettable but now I am ready for a reset. With that comes healthier meals, saving money, adding exercise in and  getting back into meal prep. Stay tuned this week for more on how I reset my lifestyle to find that ever desired balance.

Step 1? Fruits and vegetables. This is my go-to reset. As I’ve talked about in various meal prep posts, the easiest way for me to get fiber, nutrients and low calorie snacks into my life is to prep ahead. Otherwise all that produce will die in my crisper drawers. There is always a new seasonal fruit/ veg to try and remember. Not only is prepped produce good for snacks, it helps round out meals and balance the higher calorie proteins and grains. Meal ideas coming soon!


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