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Light(er) Cheese Sauce// 3 Ways

When I was thinking about writing this post and looking through pictures I was surprised and excited to see all of the different ways I have used this cheese sauce! It is so so simple there really isn’t even a recipe needed! It is more of a ratio which is my favorite type of “recipe” because it’s easy to remember and double.

1 tablespoon butter to 1 tablespoon flour to 1 cup milk (that’s it!!!)

I make this sauce a bit lighter by using skim milk. It is still creamy and cheesy but lower in fat and calories! I do use full fat cheese because low fat cheese tastes like plastic…real talk. I use a big flavor cheese like super sharp cheddar. This is the exact same advice I use for my clients. More flavor = less cheese needed.

Light(er) Cheese Sauce// 3 Ways 

  1. Baked Potatoes! This is a staple in our house because it is a super easy weeknight meal. I do the baked potatoes during my meal prep day or stick them in the microwave. This meal with the sauce comes together in 30 minutes! Toppings include onions (for J), bacon or ham, broccoli and cheese sauce. Chili would be great on there too. Berries on the side :)


2. Oven Nachos! Can we all agree that nachos taste way better from the oven? Microwave chips and cheese work in a pinch but these nachos cannot be beat. My favorite chips are the ones that get a little soggy from all the yummy cheese sauce. J and I fight over those :). I take tortilla chips and top with refried beans, taco spiced ground turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, salsa and guacamole. Mmmhmm!


3. Mac and Cheese! I won’t say too much about this dish since I wrote about it a few years ago. I have made this a few times- it is a no fail recipe. Someday I will be patient and turn this stovetop version into a baked version. Somehow it just ends up getting eaten from the pan ;)


So how would I meal prep these dishes? For the baked potatoes I would fry bacon, chop onions and bake the potatoes. I would cook the turkey for the nachos as well as chop onions and possibly make guacamole (depending on when we planned to eat it). The mac and cheese would likely be a weekday meal prep but I could cook the pasta ahead of time.

Happy cheese-ing :)



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