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Taco Tuesday// Baked Tacos 2 Ways

Taco Tuesday is so fun! I saw so many posts on Facebook about different tacos people were eating/ making. Today I am sharing a variation on the good ol’ taco. I saw baked tacos when I was on Pinterest/ reading blogs/ scrolling through social media and really wanted to try them. Like I’ve written about before, I don’t really follow a recipe so I did my own thing with this dish and it turned out great.


So 2 different ways- the first is with soft taco shells. I used ground turkey with taco seasoning and topped with shredded cheese. I really only use ground turkey, neither of us really care for beef and the turkey is a really versatile. There really isn’t a recipe. I browned the meat with onions and seasoning then scooped it into tortillas and topped with cheese. I baked them for 10-15 minutes at 350. I loved how this version turned out. The tacos get really soft- they reminded me of a restaurant taco that gets all melty from being wrapped in foil.


The second version is with crunchy taco shells. I was able to find a whole grain version which is really cool. They are still more like chips than tortillas but the whole grains were a bonus. Let me warn you that crunchy tacos are temperamental. One of them broke when I was trying to fit it in the pan and another one of them broke when I was carrying it to the stove to fill it with meat and it made a nice large splat on my kitchen floor (eye roll). But they tasted really good. Especially with the extra crunch from baking them in the oven. The photo above shows you that crunchy tacos do not like to line up nicely in the pan….but they tasted good so it was a win. I did some crunchy here and some soft. I used 2 different fillings here- leftover shredded chicken with BBQ sauce and then ground turkey with taco seasoning layered with refried beans. Same cooking method…10-15 minutes at 350. I balanced out the meal with frozen corn and sliced pears. Guac, tomatoes and onions (of course) on top.




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