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Don’t laugh. I love the half carts and fill them to an embarrassing amount. They are just so easy to push around the store. Okay let me get to the point of this post. I did a “what I bought” and “what I made” post series a few years ago and I thought it would be fun to talk about again. My grocery list is about 70% reflective of my meal planning for the week and 30% reflective of staples, cosmetics and other kitchen related needs.


This first picture shows my produce, dairy foods and bakery foods. You have maybe heard that the perimeter of the grocery store is the healthiest- which is mostly true. All of these foods are from the perimeter. From the bakery is a whole grain baguette. I bought this to go with soup. I also have done baguette pizza with these. Leftovers can turn into croutons for salads throughout the week. Produce includes carrots, celery and onion for chicken noodle soup- recipe soon! Well, I should say the onions are for everything. J puts onions on anything you can think of, so I always have some chopped up in the fridge. Lettuce gets washed and torn for salads throughout the week. Cucumbers get chopped up for salads and sliced for lunches. Apples are quick snacks for me at work. The avocados always get turned into guacamole, another of J’s favorites (with onions op top of course). Feta cheese for salads, cheese sticks for lunch and milk for breakfasts mostly. I use eggs in many ways- they are used in muffins, scrambled/ fried for breakfast and hard boiled for after work snacks. Like I said part of the grocery shopping are staples I buy on a regular basis- milk, eggs, cheese and onions in this shopping trip. And the rest I will use for my meal prep and therefore lunches and dinners for the week. 


The second picture shows my “grocery items” or middle of the store items. These tend to be on the less healthy side BUT you can find some really healthy foods in the middle of the store. Like the canned beans and whole grain crackers shown here. The beans were for salads. Salsa and tortilla chips for taco night with the guacamole. Snacks include pretzels and crackers. Pretzel rods are a must for road trips- which we had the week of this grocery trip. The noodles and chicken stock were for the soup. Ranch for- you guessed it- salads and cucumbers. I made a snack mix with the dried cranberries as well as pretzels, almonds and chocolate chips. I literally eat Cheerios for breakfast every single morning but also like them for snacks or snack mixes. Finally is the Mountain Dew for J….I usually buy the small cans (110 calories!) but they were out 2 weeks in a row, so I got the biggie cans.

Phew we made it! I hope this gives you some meal prep and shopping ideas!



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