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Freezer to Table// My Frozen Staples

When I was making dinner the other night I realized (mostly) every ingredient was coming from the freezer! I thought I would share some of my staples and how I put together a healthy meal from the freezer.


I was teaching a nutrition class and talking about some of my meal prep. Every other sentence I said “whatever is leftover goes in the freezer”. One of the people listening said “you must have a big freezer”. On the contrary. I have a tiny freezer but it is super full (real life honest photo below)! I utilize my meal prep to stock my freezer for meals like this one.


The first half of my frozen staples are prepared foods that are already frozen. J and I love this tortilla crusted tilapia, which I find at Costco. Although I have a problem with undercooking it, it is delicious when fully cooked :) We also rely heavily on frozen steamer vegetables. I buy the mixed, peas, green beans, corn and broccoli mostly. They are so versatile and a super easy way to get veggies in! I also buy frozen fruit to make smoothies. Trader Joes strawberries are super affordable. I also do the mixed berries and mango.



Some other freezer staples include baked fries for a quick side dish, pre-cooked chicken burgers (also from Costco) and pizza dough balls. I could go on and on about my favorite pizza dough balls. It can be hard to find so I buy 3-4 at a time. It is my favorite of all the pre-made doughs I have tried.


Part two of my freezer staples are the foods I prepare and store. Muffins take up 50% of my freezer. I make a double batch of pumpkin chocolate chip or banana chocolate chip muffins every week. Extras go into the freezer. J likes them even better from the freezer. He microwaves them and the chocolate gets all melty (heart eye emoji). Rice or other whole grains are another easy freezer staple. This farro pilaf started with onions and olive oil. I added the cooked farro (cooks in 5!) and mixed veggies. It tastes great from the freezer and balanced out this meal. I also freeze brown rice and quinoa. Last are frozen bananas. Not pretty but delicious in smoothies or banana bread/ said muffins.

Freezers are a secret weapon for busy people! Use them for more than ice cream :)


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