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Mea(t)l Prep

You’ll hear me talk (write) about meal prep a lot here. I meal prep every single week on Sunday (read more here). Since I work full time, I need to get ready for meals during the week on a day I don’t work (or I will lose my mind and we will eat sandwiches every day for dinner). Like many of you, I am tired when I get home and all I want to do is sit down and veg out, even though I love being in the kitchen.

For this post I am going to focus on prepping meat for quick dinners. Meat is arguably one of the hardest parts of dinner time. It takes some planning. If you have frozen meat (which I often do), you’ll have to think about thawing it out. This is where menu planning comes in. Read more about my process here. Once the meat is thawed, you have to prep it and cook it. This all takes a while. Prepping meat ahead of the time saves you all this time throughout the week.


Here are 3 ways I meat prep (Ha. See what I did there?):

  1. Chicken– frozen chicken breast go into boiling water with salt. I cook them until fully cooked and white (15 minutes or so). Then some gets shredded and some gets chopped. They get labeled and go into freezer bags. I love cooking chicken and THEN freezing it. This way I can keep it in the freezer until the night I am ready for it. It thaws super fast and I don’t have to worry about it going bad in the fridge (3 days in the fridge for cooked meat!!). Use the chicken for pizza, salads, pasta, etc.
  2. Ground Turkey- J and I live on ground turkey. Neither of us really care for beef, so I turn to ground turkey for a lot of my meals. I typically buy the lean or extra lean. The extra lean can be dry, but works for certain dishes. I sautée the meat and then season it in different ways. I like low sodium taco seasoning (for taco salad or tacos), BBQ sauce, marinara sauce or soy sauce (for lettuce wraps). It can also go in chili or other soups.
  3. Not pictured- BACON. I buy the low sodium store brand version. It’s cheaper (you’ll hear me say that a lot) and a bit healthier, but let me be clear…bacon is not a health food by any means. It tastes good people and that counts for something too. I’ll fry up a package during my meal prep and surprise surprise, put it in the freezer. I use it for BLT’s, breakfast burritos and turkey bacon wraps for lunch.




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