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Super Easy Quiche

Sometimes I like to experiment and see how many different “girl” foods I can get my boyfriend J to eat. I thought quiche would be a “eh it’s okay but not my favorite” type food. But he ended up loving it!


Quiche is a common brunch food and considered a lighter fare but it is actually pretty filling! I used onions, peppers, cheese and ham in this version. You can really use any type of vegetable, meat or cheese. I also used a Meijer brand pre-made pie crust. You could totally make your own but for a quick weeknight meal the frozen crust is perfect.


The thing I love about this quiche is that it tastes great hot, cold and room temp. Perfect for brunch, which is traditional, but also a quick dinner with a big salad or leftover for lunch.


Super Easy Quiche

frozen pie crust (deep dish) + onions + green peppers + 6 beaten eggs + 1 cup milk + cheese + chopped ham

-Pre heat the oven to 350. Let the pie crust thaw a bit while you are prepping the filling. Make sure you poke holes in the crust. This lets the steam escape and keeps the crust from getting mushy (trust me- I’ve learned from experience). Set the crust on a baking sheet in case some of the filling spills over (again with the personal experience).

-Combine the rest of the ingredients. I like to sautée the chopped onions and peppers first but you don’t have to necessarily. Add the filling to the crust and bake for 50-55 minutes until set.


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