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Meal Planning Process

Ugh. The word process is so boring. It’s so scientific. Hmm, I love science…maybe that’s why I used it. I just can’t think of a better word to use when thinking about how I meal plan. It is definitely a PROCESS. I am going to share the steps I take the plan, shop for and prep all my of meals for the week. And I mean I do this every week. If I have to miss a meal prep day for whatever reason or switch the day, it throws me off for the whole week! This process (sick of me yet?) keeps me sane but also keeps us eating healthy food all week. Cooking your own food in your own home is the best way to eat healthy. I’m serious. You’ll save money, feel better, eat healthier and spend time with your family (win, win, win).

Here is how I do it…

IMG_72761. List making and planning. I have a meal planning pad from 1canoe2 that was gifted to me. I love it. Not only is it pretty but it is super useful. Each day is broken into meals with a lot of space to write. But my favorite part is the list at the bottom…it tears off! I write everything down and then bring the bottom part with me to the store. So anyway, I decide what I’m going to make that week and write it all down. From there I make my grocery list, adding other things I need as I think of them. This list making usually happens Sunday morning (after pancakes before I go to the store).


2. List making sets the stage for a smooth grocery shopping trip. I go to the same Meijer every week. Occasionally I go to Costco, Trader Joe’s or Aldi’s. I have a pretty good idea of where everything is, from consistently going to the same stores. This helps me get in and out fast. It also keeps me from purchasing foods I don’t need. J can remember all of his lists in his head but I can’t do that. List making is essential for me. Sometimes I choose the wrong size cart….oops :) 

3. Meal prep is last. I do various things for meal prep…which I’ll talk about in various places in on the blog. I usually spend 2-3 hours doing meal prep. Stay tuned for more….



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