Back to Blogging 2

So….I’ve said this before. I’ve taken a few hiatuses from blogging. The last time I posted was almost 2 years ago. I can’t believe that! Those 2 years went so fast. Since that last post about mac and cheese I finished my dietetic internship. I became a registered dietitian and started working full time. I also moved a few times and experienced some big changes!


During a lot of that time, I didn’t cook much. I didn’t have anything to share in this space. Nothing interesting anyway. I ate a lot of grilled cheese, eggs and frozen pot stickers.

But now I am back to cooking and it feels great! Part of that reason is having someone to cook for….

My love language is food. I show that I care by cooking and feeding people. Which is why I’m back. I want to share life with you. I want to share what I’m cooking and hear about what you’re cooking. But I want to share more than recipes. What I’m wearing, how I’m saving money and other lifestyle bits. I love to talk…so let’s have a conversation. Isn’t the weekend a perfect time?

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