From My Table / Meal Prep

Throwing it Together

Lately I’ve been so uninspired, as you can tell from my total lack of recipe posts. The past few weeks I’ve been eating lots of eggs, sandwiches and leftovers. When I do cook something, its a meal that I’ve already posted. There have been a few things I’ve done that are so easy that I didn’t even consider posting about them. Now that I’ve collected a few easy tricks I thought I could make a blog post out of it. The title really says it all, I’ve been throwing meals together. I have parts and pieces of meals stuffed into my freezer and leftover in my fridge. Some of these included a sad sweet potato, half a can of beans and carrot sticks (attempt at a healthy snack).

A few weeks ago I used a super cool feature in my rice cooker. I cooked brown rice as usual in the main part. And omg have I talked about how much I love my rice cooker? So easy to cook perfect grains- I put in the ratio spelled out on the bag/box and then the rice cooker SHUTS OFF when it’s done. I think it senses when all of the liquid is absorbed. I don’t even have to set a timer. Anyway, I digress. With the brown rice cooking in the main part, I thought I would try out the steamer insert. You know, one of those parts that kind of stays in the box unused because what is that? It fits on top of the main bowl and the steam from the rice cooks whatever is in the steamer basket at the same time. I put mushrooms and frozen edamame in the top and then mixed it all together once it was done. The veggies flavored the brown rice without any salt, fat or seasoning. I stuck bags of the mix into the freezer for later. I told my mom about my new find and she told me to blog about it, to which I said but the pictures are ugly! And she told me not to say that on the blog….oops.


Those leftovers turned into fried rice for dinner tonight. I roasted off the sweet potatoes while I was doing other meal prep and chopped some of the carrot. I stir fried all of it with some other veggies, the rice mix from the freezer and an egg. Quick dinner and really easy. I was pleased to have dinner on the table, use up my veggies and battle feeling uninspired by throwing together a bunch of odds and ends into something delicious.

Earlier in the week when I was doing some meal prep I chopped up an onion, the rest of the carrot and combined it with veggie stock and the rest of the beans. Easy bean soup! I totally can’t even post it as a recipe because it was so easy, but now I have something I can eat for a quick lunch or dinner that tastes really good. Having veggies chopped or easily accessible makes it a lot easier for me to avoid eating out or snacking for dinner. It was a nice reminder than I don’t need a new recipe or creative juices flowing to make a good satisfying dinner.



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