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A Trip to the Store

I don’t have a typical Wednesday recipe today….due to lack of meal inspiration. Instead I am going to talk about meal planning and how I found some inspiration at the grocery store. Something that struck me while listening to talks at the conference was that people hate to grocery shop! I learned that on average, people are in the grocery store for 19 minutes. This blew my mind- I could never get in and out of the store in 19 minutes!


<I wrote about what I bought at the grocery store and what I made here and here>

Yesterday I went in completely uninspired. I had no idea what I was going to buy or make for dinners this week. Maybe you have heard people talk about how their weekly meals are inspired by the fresh produce at the store or market. I have a hard time with this because I like to meal plan and I think all of the produce usually looks pretty good or they don’t have anything I want. But I went into the store today with a general plan to check out the veggies and buy what looked good. And it helped with my meal planning slump! I got veggies to make stir fry noodles, a mediterranean salad, green beans with almonds and white chili.


<My original meal prepping post is here>

I usually don’t buy food for the week on a whim. I always have a list and a plan. Even yesterday when I went in I had the plan to stick with veggies. Recently I picked up this cute magnetic meal planning list and love it. Prior to that I was planning out my meals on notebook paper. What I do is plan dinners for 2 weeks and then have leftovers for lunch. I always plan in a few easy dinners like egg sammies or nachos. I then put a shopping list together. Extras like fruit, milk, Cheerios and string cheese are always on my list as well.  Ideally, I do some meal prep on Sunday or during the week if I don’t have a chance on Sunday. I put together parts of meals- roasted veggies, cooked quinoa, hard boiled eggs, washed fruit etc. Then during the week I just throw a meal together, this is ideal of course (so it doesn’t always happen).


<You can find this cute paper pad here and here>

So the moral of this story- try to meal plan! It helps save money and time in the grocery store. It helps me feel less stressed during the week and helps avoid the 5PM question of what am I going to eat? (and scrambled eggs for dinner). But along those same lines, don’t forget to feel inspired in the grocery store. I think many think of shopping as a chore, but try to have fun in the grocery store! Check out the produce, try to find deals and be inspired by other’s carts (my favorite creeper habit).



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