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From My Table- DIY Salad Bar

The stars have been aligned for me to talk about salad bars today. This morning I heard a story on the radio about someone stealing chicken from an all you can eat salad bar (I listen to really high quality radio…). This afternoon I was drooling over a friend’s salad at lunch and I was thinking about how much I miss the awesome salad bars in college.


A few weeks ago I created a “DIY” salad bar. I chopped up all of my favorite veggies and put them in small containers to have everything ready in the fridge for salad throughout the week.


Okay, maybe it isn’t as good as salad bars in cafeterias but it is way cheaper! And ready when I am for a salad. I also liked being able to have only the freshest and healthiest ingredients for salads without being tempted by cheese, bacon, ranch dressing and croutons.


DIY Salad Bar 

Chopped lettuce- I used romaine. I chop a bunch at the beginning of the week and store it in a plastic container with a piece of paper towel


Chickpeas- my favorite salad ingredient. These are fresh out of the can and drained


Chopped veggies- I used carrot, cucumber and red pepper


Your favorite dressing



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