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….What I Made

As promised, I am going to share what I made from all of the food I bought last week!


Bananas: breakfasts and banana bread pancakes (recipe coming soon!)

Apples and Clementines: packed with lunches, with breakfasts and snacks

Mangos: with taco night dinner

Carrots: chopped in split pea soup (recipe coming soon!), sliced for stir fry and shredded for veggie lasagna roll ups (recipe coming soon!)

Potatoes: baked 2 for dinners and leftovers for lunches (topped with cottage cheese and tons of black pepper), one left in the pantry

Onions: chopped in split pea soup, sliced for stir fry, sliced for french bread pizza, chopped for veggie lasagna roll ups

Romaine lettuce: chopped and stored for salads (including taco salad- my absolute fav!) and on tacos

Celery: chopped in split pea soup (recipe coming soon!) and sliced for stir fry

Red Bell Pepper: sliced for stir fry

Frozen peas: into the freezer

Frozen green beans: half steamed for dinner, half into the freezer

Bread/ Grains: 

Pretzels: snacks ( I actually haven’t even opened these yet)

Triscuits: packed for snacks and lunches

Tortilla Chips: taco night and dipped into white chicken chili

Whole wheat tortillas: freezer bean burritos 

Whole wheat bread: used for sandwiches and toast (only ate about 1/3 of this so far)

Whole wheat demi baguette (1/2 size baguette- day old bread super cheap!): french bread pizza (recipe coming soon!)

Cheerios: breakfasts!

Dairy/ Meat: 

Eggs: hard boiled for breakfasts, egg sandwiches

Lunchmeat ham: sandwiches for lunch, added to egg sandwich

Small whole ham: part in the freezer, part chopped for split pea soup

String cheese: snacks

Laughing cow cheese (french onion flavor): packed for lunches with triscuits, spread on ham sandwich for lunch

Skim milk gallon: on cereal for breakfast, with dinner, in muffins, mixed with chocolate syrup for snack


Salsa: taco night and in bean burritos

 There you have it! I bought a lot and made a lot! 


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