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Meal Prepping

A long time I pinned an article from The Lean Green Bean about meal prep. I was hooked on the idea of multi-tasking to prepare for the week ahead. It makes so much sense to chop all of the veggies you need at once, cook a bunch of beans for the freezer and use the oven while it is already on. It is an awesome read and just recently I discovered that every Sunday she does a round up of Sunday meal prep from contributors around the web!


I am honored that I was featured in her post yesterday! I wrote about meal prep that I did on a Monday I had off a few weeks ago. Here is what I said…..


“For my prep this week I chopped up carrot, celery, onion and sweet potato for crock pot lentil soup. Extra carrots, celery and onion went into a pot with frozen veggie odds and ends for veggie stock. I made quinoa in my rice cooker, part for tabbouleh later in the week and part packed into 1 cup bags for the freezer. I did a quick soak and cooked dried black beans and kidney beans to be packed in 1-2 cup bags for the freezer. Washed fruits for the week and parsley for tabbouleh. Last but not least, whole wheat double chocolate muffins adapted from this recipe!”


Since then I have done a few more meal prep days. I absolutely love it. I feel so productive and of course enjoy a full day of cooking. It pays off during the week because I have parts of meals, snacks and soups ready for me to eat throughout the week!


On this meal prep day I cleaned and chopped kale for soup, roasted sweet potatoes (45 minutes at 350 degrees), shredded carrots, baked carrot cake muffins, made kale sausage soup and falafel. I also made homemade vegetable stock and some brown rice in my rice cooker (not pictured). I’ll eat the potatoes with rice and beans for lunches or dinner, take the muffins to work for snacks and have the soup and falafel for dinners. The extra shredded carrots will go on a veggie sandwich and on whole wheat crackers.

Check out this page for more ideas from The Lean Green Bean!


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