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From My Table- Stir Fry

This week I am talking STIR FRY. This is one of my go to meals. I probably eat it every other week. To prep for this I chopped up extra peppers, shredded extra carrot and chopped extra red cabbage when I was making my Thai Quinoa Salad.  I also used left over cashews from the salad. When I was ready to make the stir fry after work, all I had to do was slice up some onion. Love that!


I put a variety of veggies in stir fry but I always put in peppers and onions. I love the sweetness from the peppers and the flavor from the onions when they get a bit brown. I usually put in frozen edamame  for protein, if I have some in the freezer. I used Soyaki sauce from Trader Joe’s, but you can use any kind of sauce or just plain soy sauce.


As for the rice. When I am cooking rice or quinoa I usually make extra and freeze it in individual portions. So I pulled some brown rice I had out of the freezer and heated it up in the microwave. EASY! I love quinoa too, but I had rice on hand.


Here is the recipe I used this week. I change up the veggies and you should too! So many colors!



Easy Stir Fry


1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/2 each red and yellow pepper, sliced in strips

1/2 yellow onion, sliced into thin half moons

1 cup red cabbage, shredded

1/2 cup carrots, peeled and shredded

1/2 cup frozen edamame

12-15 whole roasted unsalted cashews, chopped

1/4th lime, squeezed for juice

1/4 cup Soyaki sauce (My favorite teriyake sauce from Trader Joe’s)

Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce, to taste


1. Sautee peppers and onions in olive oil until onion begins to brown.

2. Add red cabbage until wilted.

3. Add carrots and frozen edamame until thawed.

4. Turn off heat and toss with lime juice, sauce and soy sauce.

5. Top with cashews and serve over brown rice or quinoa.


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