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Back to Blogging

Remember when I used to blog? I miss it!


I started blogging a while ago after I started reading food blogs and wanted to try it out! I had a hard time writing a food blog when I didn’t actually have a place to cook (living in the dorms), imagine that.


I also got discouraged by my photos, compared to others out there. So I slacked off and quit sharing.


But here I am. Now that I am in an apartment I have been cooking all the time. I want to share some recipes with all of you!


As I started reading more blogs, I realized that it is the food that interests me at first about a blogger. What keeps me reading is getting to know them through posts, Instagram pictures and life posts. So I thought I would try to share more about life, rather than trying to plan out posts. I want to share more about how I go about making dinners and keeping myself healthy and fed! We will see how it goes :)


I’m glad you’re here. Let’s share some dinners.


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