Food / From My Table

Greek Frozen Yogurt

I love ice cream. Who doesn’t?

In the summer it feels like you can eat ice cream whenever you want….like the calories don’t matter….or like my sister’s friend says “no one ever got fat from eating ice cream” so it doesn’t count right?  I definitely fall into the ice-cream-whenever-I-want habit in the summer. ESPECIALLY since I bought my own ice cream machine….more on that later. So what am I to do?

My sister and I went to TCBY for our ice cream fix after running some errands and going to Qdoba for dinner. And what did I discover….? GREEK FROZEN YOGURT!

Now, I am not a huge fan of greek yogurt like chobani. I will eat it because of the health benefits but it definitely isn’t my first choice for breakfast or lunch. But I love regular yogurt and frozen yogurt. So I tried the frozen greek yogurt at TCBY and it was AMAZING! Every single bite was good until I was scraping the bowl.

I had the honey vanilla with strawberries on it. DELICIOUS. And…..

8g of Protein

4g of FIber (whaaat?!)

Fat Free

Awesome. Check it out.



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